The League Competition

Held twice yearly:
From April to September (The Summer Cup) and from October to March (The Winter Cup).

The six month season starts on the first Mondays of April/October of the calendar year.

Ten matches per season must be completed to qualify for prizes six of which must be pre-arranged through the monthly fixture lists.


  1. First in the League table  £40 plus cup
    Second in the League table £32
    Third in the League table  £24
    Fourth in the League table £20

  2. Most Improved Players (MIP)
    For the four players whose final points have improved the most over the previous season.
    The best improver also wins The Improvers Cup and £15.
    The next three players will receive £12, £10 and £10 respectively.
    A minimum of ten matches in both seasons to qualify.
    (Members are only allowed to win the Trophy once but will still be eligible to win the money more than once.)

  3. Scrolls
    Scrolls are awarded for the first time you achieve a certain single game score:
    450-549 (red seal), 550-649 (silver seal), 650+ (gold seal).

    Scrolls are also awarded for the top three highest single word scores of every season.
    From April 2015 the top player/s with the highest word score of the season will received £5.

    The scrolls are given out to members after the season has finished and are not affected by the ten match rule.

Non-members can take part in fixtures on an occasional basis; they are especially welcome when a member has to cancel at short notice. Non-members are given League points (see results sheet) though such points do not figure in the League table.

Missing Players
When less than four members turn up for a fixture, the rules provide a formula for three-player and two-player fixtures.
(See Fixture Rules)
For two-player fixtures, BOTH players must be members.

The League Table
Once matches are completed, the results are entered into our Database program. Whenever the table is produced it shows the average points scored by each player first. These average points are the player's points added up and divided by the number of fixtures they have played. In the event of the average points being the same the program lists the players in order of their average game score starting with the higher.

Normal scoring for four-player League evening

Each win......4 points
1st place......6 points
2nd place......5 points
3rd place......4 points
4th place - according to aggregate score ­
over 1050......3 points
900 - 1049......2 points
750 - 899......1 point
less than 750......0 points
For the two highest individual game scores......1 point

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